Our services

The quality of each exhaust gas cleaning system depends of course initially upon the development of a professional concept which has been tailored to the customer's specifications, as well as the development and implementation of a CAD- and 3D-supported plan.

ECON offers you even more. Our 24-hour service hotline (+49 (0)172/ 538 9278) ensures help around the clock. We can react to problems immediately and eliminate them quickly and reliably. Our staff are provided with efficient measuring equipment and guarantee professional maintenance and a fast fault removal.

Overview of the services rendered by ECON:


     Planning, construction and start-up of exhaust gas cleaning systems
   Development of concepts and solutions for exhaust gas cleaning systems
   according to the special requirements of our customers
   Online remote monitoring
   Modernisation and renovation of exhaust gas cleaning systems
   Troubleshooting service - service and maintenance
   Delivery and assembly of spare parts
   General flow measurements
   Gas distribution readings
   gas cleaning measurements gas inlet and gas outlet
   Optimisation of filters (mechanical, electrical and process engineering)
   Error analysis
   repair of precipitator control unit analogue and digital
   Supply of temporary workers
   Staff training