About us

Since it was founded in 2001, Econ has belonged to the specialists for the construction and maintenance of dust exhaust systems and exhaust gas cleaning systems. We are located in Duisburg and concentrate on the planning and construction of exhaust gas cleaning systems for clean air.


The industrial engineering of the above mentioned systems is tailored to meet the individual requirements of our customers. We actively support our customers in solving problems and optimising systems, thus making an important contribution to their success and at the same time to the protection of the environment.


Our staff are specialized in exhaust gas cleaning systems and look back on years of experience. The development of tailor-made solutions is continually getting faster and better as a result of our engineers' expertise interacting with the individual, high demands of our customers and with legal regulations.


We will provide you with the optimal solution for your dust exhaust systems and exhaust gas cleaning systems - in a secure, efficient and extensible manner.